English Bulldog pups
Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee

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Tug@YurHart Inc. HEALTH GUARANTEEAustin, CO,,, & (970)234-1595This puppy has been examined by us and/or a licensed veterinarian prior to purchase, and is hereby warranted to be in good health to the best of our knowledge.  TO KEEP THIS LIMITED WARRANTY IN EFFECT, the purchaser is directed to immediately contact a licensed veterinarian to arrange for an examination within FIVE(5) days after purchase.NO REFUNDS INCLUDING FINANCING, OR CREDIT CARDS WILL BE GIVEN.  PURCHASER SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL VETERINARY EXPENSES INCURRED FOR ANY REASON, INCLUDING EMERGENCY TREATMENT.We sell “standard” quality puppies; All warranties of disposition, show quality, breedability, or descending _________ are hereby excluded.  Seller will not accept any returns or exchanges for any reason not related to the health of the puppy.1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTYThis dog is warranted against debilitating, hereditary & congenital defects, including hip displasia, for a period of twelve(12) months from the date of sale.  To activate this warranty, purchaser must give notice in writing to seller within twelve(12) months of purchase together with a copy of a certified veterinarian’s written diagnosis.  At the option of the seller, a second opinion by a veterinarian of seller’s choice will b given.  Cost of x-ray’s is the responsibility of the purchaser.  The liability of seller is limited to the replacement of the animal.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

6 MONTH DISTEMPER AND HEPATITIS LIMITED WARRANTYNot withstanding our best effort of examination, some puppies may have been infected with distemper or hepatitis, and appear to be symptom free.  In the event your puppy should die from either  WITHIN SIX(6) MONTHS from the date of purchase, Tug@YurHart Inc. will replace the puppy with a puppy equal to the original purchase price, provided purchaser and their veterinarian have complied with the requirements listed below.  Purchaser shall be responsible for any and all veterinarian expenses incurred.NOTICE TO VETERINARIANS:  In order for the Distemper and Hepatitis warranty to be valid these requirements must be met;  1)The puppy must have three(3) timely canine distemper and hepatitis vaccinations in the total series.  The manufacturer and dates of administration must be recorded on the shot record.  2)In the event the described puppy should die from canine distemper or hepatitis, this warranty will not be effective without complete written health history including all laboratory, post mortem finding, and histopathology reports from the veterinarian reference laboratory.BREED:____________________________SEX:________DATE OF BIRTH:________________COLOR:_______________________PARENTS:_____________________________________Tug@YurHart Inc. does guarantee against Internal Parasites within 5 days, provided a fecal exam has been done by your veternarian at purchaser’s expense.Tug@YurHart Inc. does not guarantee against hypo-glysemia, as this condition depends solely on the care given by the purchaser, after the puppy has left our possession.  If the puppy should die from hypo-glysemia, all warranties are void and no compensation will be given.

Buyer agrees to have above dog spayed/neutered if purchased with Limited AKC, NSDR, or UKCI registration.  Once proof of alteration (Veterinarian’s letterhead signifying the above animal) has been received by seller, puppy limitied registration will be mailed to buyer.The within limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied.  The implied warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose are expressly excluded.  This limited warranty constitutes the sole and exclusive remedy of the purchaser with respect to any defect, illness or problem with the puppy.   Seller shall not be liable to purchaser for any other claim, loss, damage, or expense, or emotional harm, incidental or consequential damages, whether caused directly or indirectly.  Liability for any such damages is hereby expressly disclaimed.I,______________________________________, as buyer, have read and understand all provisions of the purchase agreement.  I understand that this is the entire agreement between the seller and me.  I understand that no other statements or promises are part of my agreement with the seller and that there is no implied warranties not stated in this document.  The liability of the seller under all provisions of this warranty is limited to the replacement of the puppy equal to it’s original purchase price.PURCHASE PRICE:______________________     BALANCE DUE:_____________________MICRO-CHIP:        ______________________      PAID IN FULL:______________________SHIPPING:             ______________________      DATE ANIMAL RECEIVED:_____________TOTAL:                   ______________________      Kriss A. or Kimberly JonesDOWN PAY.:         ___________DATE:______       _________________________________