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Puppy Care:


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Studs/3Canine90wafersx-330.jpg*We give this to our pregnant dams daily and are really impressed with how glossy and healthy their skin & coat remain. Puppies love them as well.
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We are confident in our ability of sending you a puppy well adjusted for your home. From the time our puppies are born, they are handled daily and called by name, once we or you have appointed them one. Music is played for their pleasure and socialization. Our children also interact with them. It's been said puppies feet must touch at least 7 different textures by the age of 8 wks. We can guarantee ours have done over 20. We are very hands-on!

*To make the transition to your home the least amount of stress on everyone, please read and carefully follow our instructions below. We are not experts but having raised puppies for 12 years, have gained much needed knowledge.

BATHING:  Your Bulldog puppy will be used to the water when he or she comes home, they've experienced at least 2 full baths, and sometimes many sponge baths depending on how well Mother does her job.  Nails are trimmed continuely so as not to harm Mom.  In continuing these efforts, bathing should always be a bonding time rather than a battle.


Your Bulldog will most likely need his or her nose roll cleaned out weekly with a warm washcloth.  If irritation develops, Vagisil will help clear the sore up.  Clean the ears as well at this time.

TOYS:  Bulldogs love their toys!  Be sure to purchase thick strong rubber toys as well as stuffed ones.  The different textures clean their teeth during playtime.  Big basketballs are funny as well, especially if a little air has been taken out of it.

When toys are destroyed or worn out, throw them away so as to keep your Bullie from swallowing them. 

VACCINATIONS:  Before our pups go home at 8 wks. of age, they've received their 1st vaccine - (Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv).  You will need to get a 2nd & 3rd round in this series at monthly intervals. 

*It is very important to safeguard your puppy until he or she has received the final round of immunizations.  It is best to not go to public places where other dogs have eliminated.  Also, when going to your veterinarian, either carry your puppy in your arms or crate him/her.  Sick dogs are also visiting your veterinarian.

DEWORMING:  Panacur/Pamoate is given at 5 wks,7 wks and just before going home.

One of our veterinarians is also a breeder and provides us with 5 days worth of Metronidazole (firms stools) to send home with new puppies. Metron is for stress diarrhea which is very common in puppies. Their whole world is about to change, new surroundings, voices, scents, excitement of meeting so many new people can be stressful for a bulldog puppy.

POTTY TRAINING:  Our bullies 1st begin eliminating on newspaper and very quickly pick up how to use a pet door for their duties thereafter.  We strongly encourage them. 

Upon coming home to their "new" surroundings, they will need a small washable area (laundry room, kitchen or bathroom).  You can crate them at night, but be sure to let them out during the night shift to potty.  Being as consistent as possible will help your puppy to be potty trained quicker.

SWIMMING: NO!  Bulldogs are far too heavy in the front, they will go down like a rock.  They are definitely attracted to water, due to the fact they overheat so easily.

OVERHEATING:  Not to be taken lightly, Bulldogs do overheat very easily.  Always provide shade and plenty of drinking water.  If you do find your Bulldog is suffering from heat, quickly get them in cold water, whether running the hose over them or filling your tub.  It can mean their life!

PUPPY FOOD:  We feed Life's Abundance Premium Health Food starting at 5 1/2 wks. of age.  You can click on the link above to order and have a package delivered to your home before your Bullie ever shows up. Your Bulldog will be eating 1 1/2-2 cups per day at 8 wks. of age.  It's best to divide their food into 3 seperate feedings, morning, noon & night. Much easier on their stomachs this way.  As adults, 3-4 cups should be sufficient.

DENTAL CARE:  80% of puppies have bad teeth by the age of 3.  We recommend such treats as:  Greenies, Milkbones & rawhides.  These help eliminate tartar and bad breath.  Rawhides need to be supervised.  Bulldogs have such jaw pressure and of course that excess saliva which breaks down rawhides to a size they think they can just swallow it.  The chip rawhides seem the worst for Bulldogs. 

*February is Pet Dental Month, meaning more affordable rates.

HANDLING:  New puppies can be so full of life and excitement.  It is best to remember that when picking them up.  Be sure to have a secure grip on them when you hold them so they don't wiggle out of your grasp and fall.  NEVER pick them up by their front legs, always under the belly & behind.  Children do best to sit down and have the puppy in their laps.

IDENTITY:  We recommend micro-chipping as well as a collar with your name & phone # on it for your new puppy.  Many people will return a pet whose tagged but keep a pet who is not.

Call 800-474-7044

Order Code: 42348


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To the long life and health of your puppy!


Kriss & Kimberly Jones

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